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Show #17
Monday, January 30, 2012

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Carl and Richard talk to Andrew Glover about PhoneGap. PhoneGap lets you build HTML 5 applications and deploy them to all the major mobile phone platforms: iOS, Android, WP7, Blackberry, Symbian, WebOS and Bada. Andrew digs into the actual process of building cross-platform apps, the impact of Adobe's acquisition of PhoneGap and what applications make sense in a cross-platform world, and what apps are better done native.
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Andrew Glover
Andrew Glover
Andrew is the CTO of App47, where he gets to play with iOS, Android, Ruby, Rails, Heroku, AWS, MongoDB and everything else that is cool these days. He carries around an iPhone, iPad, and HTC Droid phone and in his free time hacks on Node.js.

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