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Carl Franklin steps up to the plate to be the guest on this episode of The Tablet Show, talking about what's new in the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 for developers. WinRT has made a big jump from the Developer Preview to the Consumer Preview, and it takes a rethink to your application design. Carl goes through the changes the .NET folks will care about, like how reflection and has changed. Check out the links for tons of resources to get going with WinRT on the Consumer Preview!
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Carl Franklin
Carl Franklin

After years of software development, Carl Franklin started .NET Rocks! in 2002 inspired by Public Radio infotainment shows like Car Talk. Before that he taught his own hands-on .NET classes for Franklins.Net. He is a Microsoft Regional Director and Most Valuable Professional. You may recall the first website for Visual Basic programmers: Carl & Gary's VB Home Page. If you had a SoundBlaster back in the day, you may have already heard Carl's music. He authored a few of the MIDI files that came with it.

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