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Carl and Richard talk to Thomas Gravgaard about building Unity 3D games for Windows Phone 7 using FFWD. Unity 3D is a set of tools for building games that run on Windows, Mac OS, web, iOS and Android - but not Windows Phone 7. Thomas created an open source project on GitHub to convert Unity 3D applications to XNA for running on Windows Phone 7 and XBox XNA games.
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Thomas Gravgaard
Thomas Gravgaard
Thomas Gravgaard is Senior Software Developer at Press Play, Specializing in XNA and the use of the Unity 3D engine. Thomas has a long background of web development, having worked with C# and .NET since its introduction, both doing web and database work before pursuing a career in games. At Press Play Thomas has worked on getting Max and The Magic Marker and Tentacles out for the Window Phone using a framework called FFWD (Fast Forward) that was developed for porting Unity 3D games to XNA. Recently FFWD has been released as an Open Source framework to help other developers to get their games to both Windows Phone and XBox Indie Games.

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