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Show #35
Monday, June 4, 2012

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Carl and Richard talk to Miguel de Icaza about how Xamarin has ported Android to C#. As Miguel says, it was 'kind of a stunt' - but let's face it, porting operating systems, even mobile ones, is not for the faint of heart! Miguel talks about one of the key residuals of the project, which is called Sharpen. Available on GitHub, Sharpen helps automate the migration of Java to C#. The conversation then moves onto the idea of relationships with developers - how Apple, Google and Microsoft are all getting further from caring for developers as they defend their respective platforms. Miguel talks about how companies (like Xamarin) can really love developers. And apparently COM is a punch in the face! Finally, Miguel announces X#, a super-set of C# to give it some syntactic sugar - in other words, even easier to use.
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Miguel de Icaza
Miguel de Icaza
Miguel has directed the Mono project since its creation in 2001 and oversaw the launches of Mono's desktop, server and mobile offerings at Novell. Before Mono he started writing free software in 1992 and co-founded the GNOME project in 1997. In 1999 Miguel co-founded Ximian with Nat. He also worked on the Midnight Commander file manager, Gnumeric, and the Linux kernel. He serves as an advisor at Stack Exchange. He has received the Free Software Foundation 1999 Free Software Award, the MIT Technology Review Innovator of the Year Award in 1999, and was named one of Time Magazine's 100 innovators for the new century in September 2000.

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