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Show #39
Monday, July 2, 2012

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Carl and Richard talk to Billy Hollis about building touch-centric applications. Getting beyond making bigger buttons, Billy talks about multi-finger and motion-based based touch gestures and how they need to be discovered just like any other control paradigm. The conversation also digs into the challenges of touch-centric CRUD applications, the impact of different form factors on touch and the potential of rethinking applications as a whole.
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Billy Hollis
Billy Hollis
Billy Hollis and Rockford Lhotka had the first VB.NET book on the market from Wrox Press. Since then, Billy has taught VB.NET classes and done consulting for major companies, as well as authoring (or co-authoring) at least 8 books on .NET. He is the MSDN Regional Director (RD) for Tennessee, and was RD of the year in 2001. He authors many articles, including a regular column at MSDN called Adventures in VB.NET

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