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Carl and Richard talk to Jason Follas about building geospatial apps in Windows 8. Jason focuses on building using HTML and taking advantage of the advance Javascript libraries available today to manage geospatial data. He provides some awesome insight into how external libraries can be used inside Windows 8. The show may be about geospatial, but you're really going to learn about how the HTML/Javascript side of Windows 8 works!
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Jason Follas
Jason Follas
Jason Follas is an Architect for Perficient and one of the leaders the Northwest Ohio .NET User Group in Toledo, Ohio. For the past two decades, he has primarily used Microsoft technologies to design and build interesting solutions for his customers, including an automated aircraft load planning system, material blend optimization software, and geospatial web applications. Jason is also a frequent speaker at user groups and conferences, and is one of the organizers behind the Day of .NET in Ann Arbor and CodeMash.

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