The Tablet Show
Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell bring you the best minds in software development for tablets, phones, and mobile devices; covering WinRT/Metro, iOS, Android, and HTML/JS/CSS development 

Carl and Richard talk to John Sonmez about MonoGame. MonoGame is an open source implementation of the Microsoft XNA 4 framework for building cross-platform games. How cross-platform? XBox 360, Windows, Mac as well as iPad, Windows 8 and the phones - iPhone, Android, Windows Phone. That's pretty cross-platform! The conversation digs into the skills you need to build games, whether these tools could be used to build non-game apps and more.
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John Sonmez
John Sonmez
John Sonmez is a Pluralsight author and full-time senior developer at TrackAbout. He works and teaches in a wide variety of technologies and platforms including: C#, Java, Objective-C, Android and iOS. He has a passion for Agile development and real estate investment and firmly believes that comments found in source code are evil and will lie to you.

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