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Show #50
Monday, September 17, 2012

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Carl and Richard talk to Greg Levenhagen about Windows 8 development. Greg digs into the concept of contracts in Windows 8 and how they different from an API call, providing better control over how Win 8 applications work with services and resources of the OS. There's the obligatory debate over what Windows 8 Apps formally known as 'Metro' are now called... Windows 8 Store Apps? Modern Apps? Sigh. Greg also talks about how developers can get a handle on the user interaction side of Windows 8 Apps, life without a designer and his experiences interacting with the Windows 8 Store folks.
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Greg Levenhagen
Greg Levenhagen
Greg Levenhagen has been designing and developing enterprise solutions and leading projects for a variety of businesses for over 10 years. He has worked on a diverse set of platforms using many different tools. He is a true enthusiast of computer science, with passions and interests including mobile, cloud, architecture, parallel, testing, agile, UX, 3D/games, languages and much more. Greg is a Senior Software Engineer with Skyline Technologies, board member of That Conference, board member of the Fox Valley .NET User's Group, cofounder of the Northeast WI Agile User's Group, INETA speaker, IEEE member, ACM member, substitute professor and a PhD student. Along with being a life-long geek, Greg enjoys golfing, football, woodworking, philosophy and stimulating conversation. You can find Greg at and @GregLevenhagen.

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