The Tablet Show
Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell bring you the best minds in software development for tablets, phones, and mobile devices; covering WinRT/Metro, iOS, Android, and HTML/JS/CSS development 

Carl and Richard talk to Wally McClure about building mobile applications for iPhone and Android using MonoTouch and Mono for Android (respectively). The conversation starts out with Wally's original interest in the Mono tools, being able to leverage his code and skills in C# for mobile development. From there Wally drills into the challenges of tooling across platforms (testing frameworks, etc) as well as dealing with fragmentation of operating systems and SDKs - a bigger issue in Android than iOS, but still an issue.
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Wally McClure
Wally McClure
Wallace B. McClure graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1990 with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. He continued his education there, receiving a Master’s degree in the same field in late 1991. Since that time, McClure has done consulting and development for such companies as Coca-Cola, Lucent Technologies, US Government Agencies, and several startups among others. While working for Lucent, Wally became interested in mobile technology. Unfortunately, that was 1999. When he first talked with Wiley about his first book, the discussion about mobile ended with them saying 'Mobile doesn’t sell.' In 2000, that was right, but not any more.

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