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Carl and Richard talk to Toni Kaufmann about the gamification of apps and the use of Cocos2D-x as a cross-platform development library for iPhone and Android. The conversation starts out with Toni talking about an app he built for the Swiss government to engage teenagers - using a game to educate them about bullying and sexual harassment. Toni talks about how much more effective a game model is over standard brochure-ware applications. From there he digs into the general psychology around gamification, what works and what doesn't.
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Toni Kaufmann
Toni Kaufmann
Toni Kaufmann is a mobile app developer, located in Lucerne, Switzerland. He started his own company in mid 2011. Before, he was 8 years in the .NET world, programming server systems for the publishing industry. In the nineties, he developed Mac software in C and Windows applications in C++ and MFC. His first mobile project was a deterministic password generator for iOS. «Passwort» takes a hint and a master password to calculate a new password, based on four different personal configuration settings. A recent project was a game for the department of social matters and society of the local government. «Hauapp» for iOS and Android was written with cocos2d-x in C++ and supported a campaign against violence and sexual assaults among the youth. Toni Kaufmann has a master degree in computer science of ETH Zurich.

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