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Show #76
Monday, March 18, 2013

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Carl and Richard talk to Josh Twist, one of the leaders of the Azure Mobile Services team. Josh discusses his experiences building mobile applications on iOS, Android and Windows Phone and how it's influenced the design of Azure Mobile Services. The conversation explores the various aspects of Mobile Services including data storage, user authentication, push notifications and other tools and services. Josh talks about how the team ships updates every week and that the products are entirely user driven - all the features are discussed on the User Voice site. So if there's something missing, just let them know to add it!
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Josh Twist
Josh Twist
Josh is a Program Manager on the Windows Azure team and was the first full-time member of the Mobile Services project. He has worked at Microsoft for 6 years, the first 4 years as a consultant in the UK, before moving to the mothership in Redmond, WA - with the goal of building awesome products and a focus on experience. Josh is passionate about Mobile and enjoys all the fruits of the computing garden, with a house laden with computers and gadgets running everything from iOS and Mac OSX, Android, Linux and Windows.

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