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Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell bring you the best minds in software development for tablets, phones, and mobile devices; covering WinRT/Metro, iOS, Android, and HTML/JS/CSS development 

Carl and Richard talk to Aaron Gustafson about web standards and progressive enhancement. Aaron is part of the Web Standards Project and so the conversation starts off about it's role in the maintenance of web standards - resisting the fragmentation of features in various browsers. From there, Aaron digs into adaptive web design through progressive enhancement. What does it take to retrofit a legacy web page into more current techniques? Aaron talks about a variety of strategies to help you get a great mobile web experience. Also listen for comparisons of native, hybrid and web-based mobile applications!
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Aaron Gustafson
Aaron Gustafson
Aaron has been working on the web since the mid-90s, which makes him a bit of an old man in this relatively young industry. Over the years, he has cultivated a love of web standards and an in-depth knowledge of website strategy and architec­ture, interface design, and numerous languages (including XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP). He co-founded Retreats 4 Geeks, an intimate technology training series, and is the former Group Manager of the Web Standards Project (WaSP) where he spearheaded both Web Standards Sherpa and a small business outreach effort. He served as Technical Editor for A List Apart, is a contributing writer for .net Magazine, and has filled a small library with his technical writing and editing credits. His latest book is Adaptive Web Design: Crafting Rich Experiences with Progressive Enhancement.

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