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Show #81
Monday, April 22, 2013

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Carl and Richard talk to Chris Sells about WinJS. But first, the boys have some fun talking about garbage collection, Windows 8 development options and TypeScript. Then the conversation goes deep into WinJS - does building 'native' HTML apps in Windows 8 make sense? Should the app look like a web app or a Metro app? Chris takes on all these questions and more!
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Chris Sells
Chris Sells

Chris Sells is the VP of the Developer Tools Division at Telerik. He's written several books, including Programming WPF, Windows Forms 2.0 Programming and ATL Internals. Before joining Telerik Chris was Program Manager for the Business Platform Division at Microsoft. In his free time, Chris makes a pest of himself on Microsoft forums and mailing lists. More information about Chris, and his various projects, is available at

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