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Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell bring you the best minds in software development for tablets, phones, and mobile devices; covering WinRT/Metro, iOS, Android, and HTML/JS/CSS development 

Carl and Richard talk to Colin Bowern about his experiences developing web applications in the enterprise. Colin talks about how web got into the enterprise in the first place, and how far behind most enterprises are with their web applications. And yes, IE6 gets mentioned. The conversation digs into the strengths and weaknesses of building mobile and tablet applications using web vs. native, as well as other enterprise considerations like security and policy models. Is web really enterprise ready? Colin thinks so!
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Colin Bowern
Colin Bowern
Colin Bowern is an avid technologist, technology coach, and solutions architect based in Toronto, Canada. Colin's work on pragmatic solutions spanning technology, financial, music, and public sector industries for organizations such as Microsoft, Meridian Credit Union, officialCOMMUNITY, and more. Recognized by the community for interactive contributions in public speaking, community building, and writing Colin is a Microsoft MVP for ASP.NET. You can read more about and contact Colin through

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