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Carl and Richard talk to Ben Buttigieg about building Nokia Music. Ben talks about working with Nokia to bring a great music service to market for both Windows Phone and Windows 8. The conversation digs into the public APIs available to build your own applications on the platforms that utilize the metadata and music services of Nokia Music.
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Ben Buttigieg
Ben Buttigieg
Ben is a Senior Software Engineer for Nokia Music working in their Bristol office in the UK. With around 15 years experience in the Software industry, Ben has previously worked at BAE Systems and Motorola before joining Nokia in 2007 through the acquisition of OD2, a white label music service founded by Peter Gabriel. During his time at Nokia, he has worked on various music clients including Nokia's first WPF desktop client, a cross platform Qt based desktop and Meego client, a Windows phone eReading client and most recently; Nokia's first Windows Store app. A self confessed geek, gamer and gadget-aholic, Ben enjoys nothing more than playing Minecraft and geeking out with his kids.

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