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Show #98
Monday, August 19, 2013

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Carl and Richard talk to Jeremy Freeley and Alan O'Connor about their experiences building Road Buddy for Windows Phone 8. Road Buddy uses the GPS and accelerometer data from the phone to determine if you are in a car accident and contact emergency services with your location, nature of the impact and medical information. Jeremy and Alan talk about how they built the application, the challenges in integrating via text message with emergency services, their involvement with Imagine Cup and a whole host of other issues around getting to market with a cool mobile application.
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Jeremy Freeley
Jeremy Freeley
Jeremy Freeley is a Software Development student. He studies in GMIT in Galway, Irelaand. He has a keen interest in mobile and cloud technology. Jeremy has tried his hand at Electronic Engineering but then discovered the joy of programming with led him down the software route instead. He is the Microsoft Student Partner Lead for Ireland which involves educating students about Microsoft technologies, resources, incentives and competitions. He also participated in Imagine Cup 2013 with Team PaddyCode for their entry Road Buddy which received a Runner-Up award in the Innovation Category at the Irish finals. When not coding or studying, Jeremy fills pints his local hotel, The Dalton Inn to help fund college.

Alan O'Connor
Alan O'Connor
Alan O'Connor spent ten years working with Dell computers after finishing secondary school in Limerick. During this time he discovered a fascination with technology and gadgets. When Dell closed its doors Alan went on to study computing in software development at GMIT as he thought being able to design and build pieces of software be it mobile apps or something bigger would be challenging and cool. Alan has a big interest in new technologies and mobile programming and will be graduating with a Bsc in software development this year and moving on to the honours degree program in Sept 2013. Alan finished runner-up as part of team PaddyCode in the Irish Innovation finals of the Imagine Cup 2013 with the mobile app Road Buddy.

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