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Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell bring you the best minds in software development for tablets, covering WinRT/Metro, iOS, and Android development 

Show # Publish Date Title
1303/31/2014The Last Tablet Show
1293/24/2014CSLA 4.5.5 on Windows 8.1 with Rocky Lhotka
1283/17/2014Modern Web with Todd Morrisson
1273/10/2014Building a Cross Platform Mobile App with Greg Shackles
1263/3/2014HTML Input Standards with Jacob Rossi
1252/24/2014Appitalize on Your Idea with Justin Esgar
1242/17/2014The Evolution of HTML with Domenic Denicola
1232/10/2014Native vs. Hybrid with Shawn Wildermuth
1222/3/2014Building Mobile Apps on LightSwitch with Beth Massi
1211/27/2014Tablet App Development with Lino Tadros
1201/20/2014Mobile and Tablet Apps for Disaster Relief with Tony Surma
1191/13/2014Windows 8.1 Development with Phil Japikse
1181/6/2014Catching Up with Chris Love
11712/30/2013Hybrid vs. Native Mobile Apps with Brandon Satrom
11612/23/2013C# Everywhere with Jon Skeet
11512/16/2013Monetizing Your Mobile Apps with Atley Hunter
11412/9/2013Building iOS Apps for Kids with Glenn Howes
11312/2/2013ASP.NET Web Forms for Mobile with Jeff Fritz
11211/25/2013The Magic of Modern Apps with Aaron Bockover
11111/18/2013Xamarin and Visual Studio 2013 with Chris Hardy
11011/11/2013Developers CAN Design with Jen Meyers
10911/4/2013Calabash for Mobile Testing with Josh Johnson
10810/28/2013iOS 7 vs. Windows 8 UI with Mark Miller
10710/21/2013Startups in Ireland with John Breslin
10610/14/2013State of Mobile Development at DevReach 2013
10510/7/2013iPad Development with Kirby Turner
1049/30/2013Migrating from WP7 to WP8 with Michael Crump
1039/23/2013Consumer vs Business Apps with Rocky Lhotka
1029/16/2013Occasionally Connected Software with Michael Perry
1019/9/2013Big Changes in the Tablet and Mobile Space with Mary Jo Foley
1009/2/2013Show 100 Recap of Two Years of Tablet Show!
998/26/2013Android Tablet Development with Jason Ostrander
988/19/2013Building Road Buddy for WP8
978/12/2013Hybrid Mobile Apps using Cordova with Bart Read and Kevin Boyle
968/5/2013Building Nokia Music for Windows 8 with Ben Buttigieg
957/29/2013From Windows Phone to iPhone to Android with Chris Hardy
947/22/2013Tablet Development Using Delphi with Jim McKeeth
937/15/2013Mobile Testing with Jeff Morgan
927/8/2013Mobile-First Web Design with Shawn Wildermuth
917/1/2013Mobile Backends By Rob Daigneau
906/24/2013Windows Tablet Media Application by Gill Cleeren at NDC
896/17/2013Building Tablet Applications with Laurent Bugnion
886/10/2013State of Mobile Development at DevTeach
876/3/2013Colin Bowern Uses HTML 5 in the Enterprise
865/27/2013Billy Hollis Sees Design Everywhere
855/20/2013Rob Bazinet Builds iOS Apps
845/13/2013Atley Hunter Uses the Portable Class Library
835/6/2013State of Windows 8 Development at Code PaLOUsa
824/29/2013Scott Allen Builds SPAs for Mobile
814/22/2013Chris Sells Still Develops in WinJS
804/15/2013Chris Love Talks Surface Pro, Mobile Development and More
794/8/2013Todd Anglin Helps Us Build Mobile Apps with HTML 5
784/1/2013Aaron Gustafson On Web Standards and Progressive Enhancement
773/25/2013Ben Gracewood Builds Win 8 Apps
763/18/2013Josh Twist Builds Mobile Services
753/11/2013David Isbitski and Andrew Smith Do Cross Platform Mobile Development with AppMobi
743/4/2013Toni Kaufmann Builds Games with Cocos2D-x
732/25/2013Miguel de Icaza Updates Us on Xamarin
722/18/2013Rocky Lhotka Deploys WinRT apps in the Enterprise
712/11/2013Stuart Lodge Builds Cross Platform Apps with MVVMCross
702/4/2013Robert Evans Gets Apps in the Windows App Store
691/28/2013Atley Hunter Built 40 Win 8 Apps in 10 Days
681/21/2013Rey Bango Talks Javascript, IE and More
671/14/2013Wally McClure Builds Mobile Apps with the Mono Twins
661/7/2013Luke Wroblewski Builds Mobile UI!
6512/31/2012Mary Jo Foley Talks Tablets!
6412/24/2012Paul Sheriff Talks Multi-Client Architecture
6312/17/2012Beth Massi Builds Mobile Apps with LightSwitch
6212/10/2012Shawn Wildermuth Builds Tablet Apps with PhoneGap
6112/3/2012Miguel Castro Rethinks UIs for Windows 8
6011/26/2012John Sonmez Builds with Service Stack and MonoGame
5911/19/2012Kate Gregory Programs Windows 8 with C++
5811/12/2012Mark Miller Digs Deep on Modern UI Design
5711/5/2012Brian Noyes Builds LOB Apps in Win 8
5610/29/2012Billy Hollis on the UX of Tablets
5510/22/2012Jeff Wilcox Explores the Cloud Side of Phone Apps
5410/15/2012Atley Hunter Builds A Lot of Phone Apps!
5310/8/2012Mobile Development Panel from DevReach
5210/1/2012Tim Huckaby on Tablets, Kinects and Kiosks!
519/25/2012Scott Stanfield Digs Deep on Design
509/17/2012Greg Levenhagen Builds Contracts in Windows 8
499/10/2012John Sonmez Builds Cross-Platform Games with MonoGame
489/3/2012Rocky Lhotka Builds Windows 8 Tablet Apps for the Enterprise
478/27/2012Lino Tadros Is Still Building Tablet Apps
468/20/2012Dan Wahlin Builds Web Apps for Tablets
458/13/2012Carl and Richard Dig Into the Windows Phone 8 SDK
448/6/2012Jeffrey Fritz Unit Tests Javascript in Windows 8
437/30/2012Jason Follas Builds Geospatial Apps in Windows 8
427/23/2012David Bates on the Zombification of Flash
417/16/2012Aral Balkan On the Design Mobile Apps
407/9/2012Shawn Wildermuth Explores Windows Phone 7.8 and 8
397/2/2012Billy Hollis Teaches Us to Touch
386/25/2012Mary Jo Foley Looks at Surface Tablets and Phone 8!
376/18/2012Laurent Bugnion has Metro Design Principles
366/11/2012Uf Tukel Talks the Business of Mobile and Tablet Applications
356/4/2012Miguel de Icaza Ported Android to C#
345/28/2012Diederik Krols Builds Metro UIs in Windows 8
335/21/2012Greg Shackles Does Cross Platform Mobile Development with C#
325/14/2012Jeff Wilcox Locates us with 4th and Mayor
315/7/2012Josh Clark Touches On Next Generation Interfaces
304/30/2012Thomas Gravgaard Ports Unity 3D Games to WP7 with FFWD
294/23/2012Billy Hollis Digs Into UI Design, Metro and Beyond
284/16/2012Peter Kuhn Teaches Silverlight Developers to Build XNA Apps on WP7
274/9/2012Steve Souders Improves Mobile Web Performance
264/2/2012Carl Franklin Digs into WinRT on the Consumer Preview
253/26/2012Rocky Lhotka Talks Business on Win 8 Tablets
243/19/2012James Williams Builds Games in HTML 5
233/12/2012Kate Gregory Programs WinRT in C++
223/5/2012Chris Love Does Enterprise Mobility
212/27/2012ActiveNick is Location Intelligent
202/20/2012Paul Thorsteinson on the Business of Selling Mobile Apps
192/13/2012Todd Anglin on Kendo UI
182/6/2012Atley Hunter Talks Windows Phone 8
171/30/2012Andrew Glover Plugs the PhoneGap
161/23/2012Russell Ivanovic Stands Up For Android
151/16/2012John Sonmez Compares iOS and Android Tools
141/9/2012Kevin McNeish Prefers Objective-C
131/2/2012Ronan Cremin Detects Mobile Devices
1212/26/2011Richard Griffin Programs in WinJS
1112/19/2011Shawn Wildermuth Builds XAML Apps on Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8
1012/12/2011Rocky Lhotka, Sergey Barskiy and Stuart Williams Explore WinRT App Migration
912/5/2011Atley Hunter Talks Android
811/28/2011WinRT Panel Discussion from DevConnections
711/21/2011Tales of Tablet Development at Oredev
611/14/2011WinRT with Huckaby Live from Oredev
511/7/2011Dan Hanan and Danny Warren Combine Kinect and Metro
410/31/2011Miguel de Icaza Talks Cross Platform Tablet Development
310/24/2011Lino Tadros Does All Tablets
210/17/2011Dan Wahlin - Resist The Drama!
110/11/2011Rocky and Billy Introduce WinRT
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