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Show #16
Monday, January 23, 2012

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Carl and Richard talk to Russell Ivanovic about Android development. Russell comes from the Java world but moved into iOS development, building some very popular apps in Australia. Then he moved into Android development and has had even more success. Russell talks about the experience of building Android applications, how it differs from iOS, the pluses and minuses and more. What about fragmentation? How do you test adequately? All these questions are answered and more!
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Russell Ivanovic
Russell Ivanovic
Russell Ivanovic co-founded Shifty Jelly 3 years ago from his couch, and since then they've had hits like Pocket Weather AU, which if statistics are to believed resides on 1 in 5 iPhones in Australia. More recently Shifty Jelly has ventured into Android development, and had some great success with Pocket Casts.

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